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look at the springfield interchange. you can see a few lights at the bottom of your screen. be on alert for dense patches. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, 50 million expected to watch betweens debate president obama and mitt romney. the first of the debates for the candidates. there will be 3. what happens on the stage could .lay a big role at the polls brianne carter has a preview. >> after months of battling, obama and republican hopeful mitt romney will share the same stage in denver. the first presidential debate. >> governor romney and president meet on the stage behind me. >> the latest poll shows the for president is very close. what happens tonight could have campaignson the two that are winding down with e than a month left to go. g to the wall street journal, they will square off 15-minute six segments with a focus on the economy, health care, and the role of government. have been caring for weeks. break tuesday and wives weighed in on how big it will go. we are focused and i cannot for the contrast we will hear. >> he's a very good debater, so him to relax and be hi
issue this morning. plan for a slow drive. give you an example, this is view of springfield, the springfield interchange. see any traffic flowing. the dense fog will slow things down this morning. have a couple work from the springfield interchange, inner loop towards 644, two right lanes are still closed. use caution through the works .wns in maryland, there is heavy fog. reports of a crash on eastbound 32 at the b-w parkway, a car deer. back to you. >> thank you. presidential, the face off tonight for their first debate. is at the university of denver. both candidates trying to lower expectations. a lot riding on .his brandi has more. >> after weeks of attacks on the --paign trail >> we don't get very far when we have leaders it writing off half victims.n as >> they will face off tonight. they will meet on the stage. >> what happens could be only five weeks until election day. t debate will focus on policy.omy and domestic both candidates took a break intense debate prep tuesday. mitt romney grab a bite to eat denver while president obama dam.ed the hoover >> it is spectac
, moving smoothly. looks nice from springfield to the 14th street bridge. hov lanes are open all the way from dumphries into springfield and on to 395 up to the 14th street bridge and passed the pentagon. 95 in virginia late-day clearing construction after route 7 dean at falmouth. still very slow southbound on 95 to fredericksburg. northbound, everything is open. 270 near 109, looks good so far from frederick county into montgomery county. it's a little foggy, but everything is moving smoothly. back to you. >> thank you. >> looks like we are following a developing story from silver spring. investigators are searching for the driver responsible for hit- and-run. >> newschopper 7 over the scene on university boulevard last night. a woman had been crossing the street not in the crosswalk when a pickup truck hit her and drove away. she is suffering non-life- threatening injuries. several cars collided while trying to avoid striking the woman. >> newschopper 7 over a situation in college park on route 1. a woman in critical condition after being struck by a car around 9:30 last night near
. southbound, everything is open. 270 starting of pretty well other than that. to springfield actually, the beltway at university boulevard, look at how slow it is. on the inner loop at university boulevard, very heavy. in springfield looking good northbound and southbound 95. accidents in prince william county in haymarket on route 15 on the ramp to 66. prince william county police looking for that right now. back to you. >> thank you. police in fairfax county investigating a crash involving a pedestrian. >> the person was struck by a car at richmond highway and huntington avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital. we are told the driver in this case remained on the scene. >> d.c. police searching for personal shot a man just before 12:30 this morning in the 1700 block of benning road northeast. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we don't know what led to the shooting. >> following the latest developments in a terror attack in new york that was foiled. the target was the total reserve building in new york city. >> the bangladesh eight suspect also
for four attacks. parents have been warned about a suspicious man following a student home from springfield high school -- west springfield high school. >> i'm very surprised. >> fairfax county police investigating a fourth fondling case in west springfield. after 7:00 last evening a 15- year-old girl walking was suddenly approached by a man and was grabbed from behind. the same deal as three prior incidents in the past few weeks in the same section of the county. >> it's dark when i go to the bus stop in the morning. >> students are talking about the crime. a separate incident was reported monday night. she told police she was driving home from west springfield high school when she noticed a suspicious man followed her all the way home and tried to approach her, but she was able to run in the house and lock the door. >> a guy grabbing students when they are walking home. >> detectives are having a hard time connecting this do the four fondling cases that appear to be linked. >> i would pick up my children from school. it's the other assaulted victims are 16, 17, and over 20 years old. in e
, a in right lanes shutdown springfield. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, celebration time for the nationals. have clinched the nl east division title despite losing to phillies. >> it's because the second place braves lost to pittsburgh last night. britt mchenry is at nationals park. >> in the bottom of the ninth, loss for last on screen. the fans and players were all smiles, assuring each other with champagne. even doused the general r.nage the players took a party on to a field and engaged to the fans huggedned autographs, loved ones and enjoyed the moment. unbelievable. we have been through the thick it. it has been a storybook so far. >> if you never know until it s.ppen [unintelligible] speechless. to be enjoying this with the of france's great. we want to get deeper into the playoffs and have a few more and get the trophy. >> to build more regular-season more regular- games and the manager some of histing starters. >> abc 7 caught up with some fans after the game. >> cleansing the title is what say.y matters, they >> it is the first time forever. awesome. i know we l
around old georgetown road heading to 355. the major trouble spots in virginia. live look at springfield. still have that flooding on connecticut avenue northbound remains shut down. dear frank hinchey -- near franklin street. we will keep you posted. back to the knees. >> thank you so much. give yourself extra time to get around this weekend. the red line train will not run between grosvenor and friendship heights this weekend. orange not run between east and west falls church from 10:00 tonight and the closing on sunday. there will be shuttle buses. green line trains will single track between rebel the polis park -- and college park -- greenbelt and colors parker >> a free cancer screening from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. at george washington university. 22nd and i streets. nobody spends screenings as well as prostate exams and mammograms. -- full body screenings as well as prostate exams and mammograms. >> we will donate $1 to fund breast cancer research. you can share that with your friends. spread the word and help support the lifesaving call. >> 4:43 62 degrees. >> a different kind
. >> foggy conditions. in springfield visibility is not good but no problems are reported on 95 between stafford and the beltway. in the district, reports of a tractor-trailer coming from new york avenue going into the tunnel towards 395 that is stuck so commuters cannot get on to the freeway to get store as the outbound bridge. they are working on it. on the beltway, they are trying to clear construction from oversight. you know about the hot lanes project. back to you. >> thank you. with 11 days to go until the election, president obama getting a break from a grueling road schedule, in the district today at 5:00 p.m., taking part in a 30-minute interview on mtv. he will answer questions submitted by viewers on mtv's facebook page. joe biden campaigning in wisconsin today. the first lady is campaigning in san diego and las vegas. >> she made an appearance on jimmy kimmel live on thursday and she spoofed a political ad urging people to vote. >> [horns blowing] >> ofandup, up, up. time to vote. out the door. and eat some carrots. have you voted? >> don't worry, i already voted. >> than
with angela. >> good morning. looking at overnight construction. on the beltway in virginia. in springfield, moving quite well despite the work zone on the inner loop which may slow you down briefly. at braddock, stay to the left. and at leesburg pike, two left lanes closed. in montgomery county on the beltway, 190, looking good. all through montgomery county looking good. clearing an overnight work zone at university boulevard. >> a suicide car bomber blew up his vehicle near the gate of a u.s.-afghan combat outpost in eastern afghanistan. and afgh troops were injured mostly by falling debris. the taliban claimed responsibility. nato says the outpost was secured shortly after the blast. political experts and the public weighing in on last night's second debate between obama and romney. >> 46% of debate watchers said the president was the winner. there's a seven point margin of error. the debate had its share of humor and heated moments. >> 45 seconds into his first answer, the president went after his opponent. >> governor romney said we should lead detroit go bankrupt. >> the president to
and new hampshire there is a work zone. from the beltway put it looks pretty good in springfield. there's an active work zone between arlington and 66 with 3 left lanes closed. they should open shortly. back to you. >> thank you. in baltimore, five people killed in a house fire. jummy olabanji has more. >> very sad news from ortiz baltimore. -- from northeast baltimore. for children and one adult died in a house fire in the 5600 block of denwood avenue. this is the home where it happened. they say it was just before 2:00 this morning there received a phone call there was a fire at this home. firefighters put say that they saw someone trying to jump out of a second story window. they knew there were more people inside. a firefighter fel the second-floor into the basement. he was taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition. the residents of the home who jumped out is also at the hospital. firefighters say that once they were able to knock down the fire and get inside is when they made the sad discovery of five bodies inside the home. we do not know how the five victims died. whether
attack happened last night in the 6200 block in springfield. >> i'm peggy fox in springfield where residents are on alert after another attack by a man who is grabbing young women from behind and groping them. this woman may be the fifth victim unknown to police because she didn't call them. she says a man grabbed her from behind, grabbing her breast, right in front of her daughter. she says he wasn't out to rob her because he didn't steal her purse. >> i was scared to go out. >> police say the fourth attack happened last night around 7:15 near the corner of hibling avenue. each time, the creep grabs them from behind and fondles their breasts. >> grand master hahn demonstrates how to get out of a hold like that. he taught me how to do it in a few minutes. >> yes, like that. bang. >> in springfield, peggy fox, 9news now. >> this week we continue our look back at the d.c. sniper attacks ten years ago. inside a warehouorges county, e being preserved for a future exhibit. there's a 1990 chevy caprice. also, a card left outside the middle school in bowie. the first attempt by that
to be on the lookout. there is a serial fondler on the loose targeting women in the springfield area. sherry ly is live. she joins is now with details on this story. >> reporter: good morning. this serial fondler strikes any time, morning, midday and at night. the latest case was here in this springfield neighborhood on hibling avenue. he has victimized at least five women and girls so far, possibly more. police released the sketch base on the victim's descriptions. he is in his 30s with dark eyes and a feetly trimmed beard. since september 7th, police say the suspect has fondled five people, usually approaching from behind. he gropes them and then runs away. it has happened at three different locations all in the springfield avenue on hibling avenue, metropolitan center drive and erving street. a fisk victim just came forward after police released information on the case and police want to get him off the streets. >> he hasn't shown any signs of stopping. so that is the concern is that you have somebody out there who is doing something that is invasive, that is upsetting and concerning to women. >> re
women in springfield -- a sketch of the believed us all to five women in springfield. on last two attacks happened hidden avenue. e other three in the nearby area. we showed the sketch to residents of the arab today. the community is that -- of the today. is on high alert. strong was released from jail. gonzales is now charged with murder.d accused of beating the 72- old man with a baseball t last month in an effort to take his wallet. the victim was hospitalized. >> a day in court for a young man involved in a fiery police pursuit in chevy chase. you might remember three people died in the crash. the fourth person in that car is trial for car theft. brad bell is live at the county courthouse. by all accounts, was incredibly lucky to survive that. of his friends perished. prosecutors say richardson needs to pay the price for his role in the door ride that night in a stolen car. that night in a stolen car. only one would survive. today, that love survivor is on that love survivor is for car theft. >> he just got caught up in a situation. >> this case has become about n just a car t
friday. we are hoping for a very nice commute to start the weekend. so far so good in springfield. getting through the interchange you should not have any trouble. northbound and southbound 395 getting through alexandria looking fine. glebe road is closed between route 1 and arlington ridge. there's an accident with a utility pole down right there. moving quite well in maryland. 270 has no troubles. back to you. >> thank you. our top story battleground virginia becoming the focus of the presidential race. later this morning president obama will speak at george mason university. and an event at cleveland state university in ohio >> . mitt romney told fox news that his controversial remarks about 47% of americans wanting government support were completely wrong. ta more. >> with his campaign reenergize mitt romney took on the controversy surrounding his comments that 47% of americans are dependent on government. he said his remarks were not eloquently stated, but last night on fox news he offered an explanation. >> it was completely wrong. i absolutely believe that my life has shown
issues to report. a live look at springfield in virginia. traveling on the beltway, no delays as and braddock road through annandale. and from springfield on the outer loop crossing the woodrow wilson bridge into prince george's county, no delays. northbound 395, south of edsall road, a pretty good on the southbound side as well as the northbound side. on the beltway in maryland after crossing american legion bridge, good to go passing 270 into montgomery county. looks good as well as 95 than the b-w parkway. back to you. >> thank you. tina fey and amy polar teaming up to host the golden globes. >> the 70th annual ceremony will be on january 13, three days after the oscar nominations are announced. a little crowded last night at the judges' table on dancing. paula abdul to a seat -- took a seat. >> now highlights. >> a bollywood-inspired a number, getting a perfect score. and earning the first 10's of the season. >> now i need to eat. i have two abs left. >> and a mesmerizing mambo for shawn johnson. >> the hill looks normal, but it's broken. -- the heel. >> she danced like th
cuando fue atacada por un hispano en el area de springfield.. claudia uceda nos tiene mas detalles... les agarra los senos, las toca indevidamente... ana rios/ esta preocupada "yo pienso que es una falta de respeto muy grande y que no debe de pasar." un hispano es buscando intensamente en este barrio latino de springfield en virginia por manosear a jovenes y mujeres.... no discrimina la edad...las victimas tienen desde los 15 anos de edad y hasta los 30 victima " yo lo vi que el venia caminando y luego me voltea a ver asi entonces yo le di el paso pero el nunca paso y segui caminando a ver si el pasaba cuando corri el susto que el me agarro asi." esta hispana fue una de las tantas victimas... ella fue atacada hace tres semanas pero nunca lo reporto a la policia de fairfax hasta hoy... victima "me agarro por detras y me manoseo los pechos entonces yo grite y pase como dos dias que me dolian los pechos... duro me agarro, 3 veces y yo grite bastante." las autoridades piensan que volvera a ultima vez que ataco, el sospechoso toco indevidamente a una menor en este vecindario.... l
into dumphries and crossing the occoquan. you are good all the way to the springfield interchange. same on 66. eastbound moving well manassas. heading into fair oaks, trouble- free. on the maryland side, utility work in prince george's county powder mill road shut down between cherry hill road and beltsville drive. otherwise moving well on the beltway, even crossing the northwest branch, the work zone has been lifted. getting by to the right without delay. -- three lanes are getting by to the right without delay. back to you. >> thank you. we are getting some new pictures right now of what the house fire looked like early this morning in baltimore. five people killed including four children. and children. baltimore city fire officials say it happened after 2:00 this morning. they got to go home and it was fully engulfed. one person tried to jump from the second-floor and there were taken to the hospital for treatment as well as a firefighter was inside fighting the blaze and fell through the second story into the basement of the moment. investigators are trying to figure out what exactly spar
springfield, missouri, a lot of lightning strikes. near the springfield area, i'm sure that interstate is not fun, either. isolated strong storms, an area of yellow. it's tomorrow that the storm heads out to the central plains. minisevere weatherout break, possible tornadoes for iowa or missouri. keep an eye on the forecast. you have the best chance of seeing a strong storm. dallas to oklahoma city to tulsa, back to chicago, you have a chance for strong storms. for today, it's not too bad. east coast looks okay. tomorrow is the day of concern. more details on that coming up. >> thanks. >>> also coming up, the pearl harbor of cyber attacks, the biggest diamond in the universe and dra kra tax cheats. walmart has a heart. a major announcement. you are watching "first look" on msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. bori
to be on the lookout. a fondler is targeting women in the springfield area. sherri ly is there live and has more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison. this serial fondler strikes any time, morning, midday and at night. the latest victim here in this springfield neighborhood. he has victimized now at least five women or teenaged girls, possibly more. police released a sketch of the suspect based on descriptions from the victims. in his 30s, neatly trimmed beard. he has fondled five people, usually approaching from behind. he gropes them and runs away. it's happened now at three different locations all in the springfield area. a fifth victim just came forward after police released information on the case. police want to get him off the streets. >> clearly he hasn't shown signs of stopping. so that's the concern, is that you have somebody out there who's doing something that is invasive, that is up setting and concerning to women. >> reporter: the victims have ranged in age from 15 to 40 years old. they say the suspect doesn't say anything. there really is no warning. the most r
policia aun no lo arresta pero estan vigilando de cerca este centro comercial de springfield... hasta que no exista el esperado arresto, mujeres caminando solas no estaran tranquilas.. eduardo azcarate/portavoz de la policia de fairfax "la reaccion es gritar, tenemos que mandar atencion a ti puedes gritar fuego, no policia porque nadie le interesa eso pero fuego, siempre todo el mundo esta interesado en eso en un fuego,si gritas fuego, fire y alli te van a ver..." en springfield virginia claudia uceda univision ...una reciente operacion policial llevada a cabo en cien paises contra el trafico ilegal de medicamentos en internet se saldo con el decomiso de 3.75 millones de farmacos falsificados, cuyo valor habria superado los 10- millones de dolares, y la detencion de 79- personas, informo hoy la interpol la operacion pangea v, en la que trabajaron conjuntamente servicios de policia, aduanas y agencias reguladoras, es la mayor intervencion de este tipo lanzada nunca contra el mercado negro y el quien gano el debate presidencial de anoche?...los analistas y las encuestas definiran este prim
springfield... hasta que no exista el esperado arresto, mujeres caminando solas no estaran tranquilas.. eduardo azcarate/portavoz de la policia de fairfax "la reaccion es gritar, tenemos que mandar atencion a ti puedes gritar fuego, no policia porque nadie le interesa eso pero fuego, siempre todo el mundo esta interesado en eso en un fuego,si gritas fuego, fire y alli te van a ver..." en springfield virginia claudia uceda univision ... la policia de montgomery sigue solicitando la ayuda de la comunidad para esclarecer el brutal ataque que sufrio un hombre hispano el pasado 2- de octubre... candelario guevara guzman, de 72-anos, fue encontrado moribundo n heridas de gravedad en la madrugada de ese dia en el estacionamiento de un edificio en la cuadra 8600 de la avenida garland en silver spring. guevara-guzman permanece en condicion critica sin poder hablar en un hospital. ... la sociedad protectora de animales esta solicitando colaboracion de la comunidad para ayudar a una mascota que fue victima de violencia ... lilian mass nos dice como usted puede hacer la diferencia...con tan solo
them. tonight, a fifth woman says she was a victim, too. >> i'm peggy fox in springfield where residents are on alert after another attack by a man who is grabbing young women from behind and groping them. this woman may be the fifth victim unknown to police because she didn't call them. >> she says a man grabbed her from behind, grabbing her breast right in front of her daughter. she says he wasn't out to rob her because he didn't steal her purse. >> i don't think anybody will be grabbing me. >> having a dog helps. >> now we are scared to go out. after we heard that, we are scared to go out now. >> these women are walking in groups and fathers are warning their daughters. police think it's the same guy who is now grabbed four young women in this area. >> she was walking along the sidewalk about 7:15 when she felt someone come behind her very quickly and grab her and then run away. >> each time, the creep grabs them from behind and fondles their breasts. >> cannot sit through this. >> grand master hahn demonstrates how to get out of a hold like that. he taught me how t
for a man who is groping women and also girls in springfield, virginia. we'll have those stories when we come back. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. >>> police have released a composite sketch of a man accused of fondling teenagers and women in fairfax county. the suspect is described as being hispanic, in his 30s. in one of the incidents, a 40- year-old woman said she was walking along hibbling avenue in springfield when she was grabbed and groped. police believe that she is the fifth victim. no one has required medical attention. >>> police in f
homeowners or driver in order to pay for the state pension problems he is turning to springfield for relief and so far he has received a non and until he does he makes it clear he doesn't want the people of chicago to choose between pension payments or public health or public safety, something has to change. >> our goal is reform where we can, caught where we must invest where it matters. >>cut where we must and invest where it matters. >> the damage is $1.2 billion in underfunded pensions, a number that will come to fruition if nothing changes and it will happen in a matter of four years. what we really need most is our representatives in springfield to step up, take their share of responsibility and not miss this critical opportunity once again. it's gotten worse over time by the city council not making it a priority for the last several years. chicago is facing a 25% increase in homicides compared to this same time last year. some say our streets need more human power and we need it now. it's just not an accurate reflection of what's going on in the police department in chicago. >>
. no problems from woodbridge to springfield. it's friday morning light. a good time to head out. you will not hit any delays right now as you head for the betway. let's take a live look jut side first here in springfield. like i said much lighter than you normally have this time of the morning. no problems to 395. this time to the north side of town, 270 looks great. no issues on 70 as you come in from frederick and down on 270 towards clarksburg. a live look at the merge legion bridge on the west side of town. traffic moving well between 270 and tysons corner. more traffic at 4:39. back to you guys. >>> one on. there's a drive. >> as we've been saying, it was a huge night for the nats and their fans. the team pulled off a must win guaranteeing at least one more game for them and their fans. >> you just get the chills thinking about it. 44,000 fans were on hand last night to see their team stay alive. bottom of the 2nd, adam laroche hit one into the centerfield grass ending his playoff hitting slump. he was one for 11 friar to that. that -- prior to that. nats up 1-on. cards ended up
in springfield, work all over the region and he is okay and jason higher is is from down in richmond. both knees guys very concerned, probably 100 -- these guys very concerned, probably 100 people out in glacier national park searching for them. they had two choppers up and now the word just in the last couple minutes both these guys are fine. they're able bodied, walking and they're expected to fly home to virginia sometime tomorrow. so sometimes these stories end well. >> absolutely. that's what we want, bruce. no idea at this point what happened to them during that time they were missing? >> well, we understand that there was about 18 inches of snow on the ground and then there were drifts up to 5, 6 feet. so you can imagine if you're walking out in the mountains, it's pretty easy to lose track of the trail. you got to suspect that that's what happened, that they just had a hard time finding their way back, but they finally have. >> and it is the best news. thank you so very much. >>> now we're talking about someone who is still missing and police are hoping you can help find him. charles tur
springfield. >> we have to neighbors who were very much into politics. we have one obama backer and we have one mitt romney supporter. the 5000 block in springfield, va., it is a bipartisan case study on political ingenuity. >> anyone is allowed to have a big sign. >> she had her obama signed swiped. she made her sound. obama, yes, biden, yes connelly, yes. she took out an insurance policy of sorts. >> caution tape, my no trespassing sign. >> only a few houses away, eric schaeffer shares a similar tale. in august, a car pulled into his driveway. >> he took the mitt romney sign away. >> this die-hard republican replaced his mitt romney side. he hung its height in a tree and armed it with an alarm. he is a retired electrical technician. >> this will place is being video recorded all the time. >> when the thieves struck during rush hour he captured on video. >> we can catch them every time. >> the victims did not lead a crime quilt their political will. >> you can take my son, but he cannot take my free speech. >> she did it in new obama signed. she got it just in case the makeshift wind is st
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parkway across the okay quan. in springfield lanes open 395 northbound where we've seen volume delays past landmark. pace is good to the 14th street bridge. route 4, 210, corridors open. your next timesaver traffic at 6:12. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. >>> the first of three presidential debates is done. one of the hot topics between president obama and governor mitt romney health care and medicare. >> indeed. kristin fisher tracking the debate for us this morning. she's live in the satellite center trying to break it all down. these are complex issues. >> reporter: good morning. this debate was so focused on the economy that it took the candidates 45 minutes before they ever mentioned the words health care. but when they did, it was certainly one ever the more memorable exchanges of the night. lively exchanges of the night. at one point mitt romney told the president point blank that if elected, he would repeal his health care law to which the president responded by saying, but we've seen this model work really well in massachusetts. here's part of that exchange. >> i want to take
. fox5's sherri ly is live in springfield with more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison, good morning, tony. the number of cases here continues to grow. we he a fifth victim that's now come forward. this is a case that hadn't been reported until police went public with information on these cases. that woman said she was fondled here in this springfield neighborhood last month. it is the same place that another woman said she was victimized just three days ago. police released a sketch of the suspect. he's described as a man in his 30s, dark eyes and a neatly trimmed beards. the victims say he approaches from behind, doesn't say anything when suddenly grabs and fondles them and runs away. he has victimized at least five women or teenage girls at three different locations in the springfield area. neighbors in these areas are alarmed and on the lookout. >> it's disgusting. i'd put a stop to it myself. and i've heard other people say that. >> whenever i go out, i certainly look around to see if i can see this guy. the police ask me to do that, i'm going to do that.
. >> this latest attack happened last night in the 6200 block in springfield. peggy fox has been in that community all day where residents are really worried this guy could get even more violent. peg. >> yes, and we have a self- defense move. we're going to show you to help get you out of one of these attacks. so far, four attacks, the last one last night at 7:15 near the corner of exmore. this is behind springfield plaza. none of the victims were physically injured, but they have been scared. >> i'm walking the streets, i'm always looking behind me, all the time. >> keep aware of your surroundings, there's a grope on the loose. >> i don't think anybody will be grabbing me. >> having a dog helps. >> scared to go out. after we heard that, we're scared go go out now. >> these women are walking in groups and fathers are warning their daughters. >> don't go out after 6:00. don't go walking around. >> police think it's the same guy who now grabbed four young women in this area. >> she was walking along the sidewalk about 7:15 when she felt someone come behind her very quickly and grab her and
groped while walking down the street. the fifth reported incident of an assault in springfield in the past month. pat collins explains why the recent attacks have the people there on edge. pat? >> reporter: jim, now it appears there may be a fifth victim in this string of fondling attacks. police out in springfield investigating a series of fondling attacks on young women here. today a detective talking to yet another victim. we call her rosa. she says she was attacked on september 19th as she was coming home with her daughter. she spoke through an interpreter. >> translator: we were walking down the sidewalk, when all of a sudden i felt somebody walking behind me. once i turned around, he started touching me. touching me around my breasts. and then i started screaming and my daughter started screaming and i turned around and he started running back. >> reporter: all of these attacks happened on residential streets where you're more likely to feel safe and let your guard down. monticello boulevard, this is where the first case was reported september 7th, 9:30 in the morning. a
-year-old girl groped while walking down the street in springfield, virginia. this is the fourth reported incident of this kind of assault in that city in the last month. pat collins spoke to one of the victims and explained why the attack is considered so brazen. >> reporter: four attacks in springfield in the past month. police believe it may be the work of the same man, and now it appears the number of victims may be five. police out in springfield investigating a series of fondling attacks on young women here. today a detective talking to yet another victim. we call her rosa. she said she was attacked on september 19th as she was coming home with her daughter. she spoke through an interpreter. >> translator: we were walking down the sidewalk when all of a sudden i felt somebody walking behind me. once i turned around he started touching me. touching me around my breasts. and then i started screaming and my daughter started screaming, he started running back. >> reporter: all of these attacks have happened on residential streets where you're more likely to feel safe, and let y
're okay through springfield as you head for 395. back to the maps this time all the way to 270 coming in from frederick. still light. no problems to report into rockville. let's take a live look here on 270 at 121. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:09. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. >>> the alert about hurricane sandy has been sounded and preparations for whatever the storm brings us are under way. >> governments, emergency responders, and utility companies are among those gearing up. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is live at pepco headquarters with details. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. this morning power companies from north carolina all the way up to new york city are closely following hurricane sandy's track. here at pepco in our region, they have already started to activate your emergency plans. yesterday they put 400 contractors on stand "best" by throughout the weekend. they've also called out to other states to have reinforcements ready in case this thing does hit us. a lot of people in the d.c. area as you might guess, they don't put a ton of fa
as you head over to woodbridge and springfield. a live look on to 395 north of glebe road still moving well to the 14th street bridge. i'll be back with more traffic at 6:11. >> thank you, monika. >>> it was caught on videotape. now two prince george's county officers charged with the beating of a university of maryland student go to court today. >> john mckenna was one of thousands of students who was celebrating in the streets of college park following the school's big win against duke back in march 2010. kristin fisher joins us live from college park with a preview of what's expected to happen in court today. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. these two prince george's county police officers reginald baker and james harrison have been charged with first degree assault, second degree assault, and misconduct in office for what they allegedly did on these streets over two years ago. remember the maryland men's basketball team had just beaten duke and thousands of students celebrated by partying in these streets in college park. police had said the students were rioting b
they were fondled by a stranger in public in the springfield area. police say there could be more victims out there who haven't come forward yet. chris gordon is in springfield with more. chris? >> reporter: the fairfax fondler, the name fails to convey the fear felt here in the springfield area. police came here last week looking for leads and found yet another victim. detectives were canvassing this springfield neighborhood last week circulating the composite sketch of the man believed responsible for the series of assaults. they were looking for more victims that hadn't been reported. sure enough, a 25-year-old woman said she, too, had been attacked. police say she is the sixth victim of the fairfax fondler. >> anytime we receive additional information from the public, certainly it's very helpful. and we did believe, and still do believe somewhat there may be other people out there who just like this woman, for whatever reason, chose not to report it to police. >> reporter: the victim says she was attacked while walking on cumberland near dinwiddle street in september. she describes th
in springfield as you can see from route 644 trying to get up to the beltway or beyond on to 395. that actually still looks pretty good leaving landmark to the 14th street bridge. let's go back to our graphics. metro normal service amtrak of course is going to be a modified service basically from newark to points south and also marc is on a normal schedule today except for the speed restrictions so expect some delays because of the signal issues and maybe some flooding problems as women. i'll be back with -- as well. i'll be back with an update at 6:11. >>> emergency officials have their eyes on the potomac right now. even though we didn't get the flooding that was expected, a threat still remains. >> ko im is live in alexandria with the conditns there. good morning, ko. >> reporter: good morning, matt and andrea. old town is located on the west bank of the potomac. it is expected to flood tonight. maybe even crest a couple feet above water. dr alexandria was able to escape major flooding issues. we did see some minor flooding monday and we saw how high the water can get yesterday morning aroun
night on hibbling avenue in springfield. the victim grabbed the woman's breasts while she was with her daughter. he quickly took off when the woman started screaming. >>> the civil war in syria is crossing the boarder into turkey. some mortar shells missed their intended targets and killed five people in turkey. >> that's when turkish forces returned fire. we have more from new york. >> reporter: turkey has taken action against neighboring syria after a deadly shelling from syria hit a turkish town. among the dead a 6-year-old boy. several people were also injured including a police officer. turkey retaliated on points in syria detected with radar. the united states is in contact with turkish officials. >> it's a very, very dangerous situation. all responsible nations need to band together to persuade the assad regime to have a cease- fire. >> reporter: parts of the syrian city lay in rubble following four explosions. syrian state tv says three sue a side bombers -- suicide bombers detonated cars. packed with explosives. they went off within minutes of each other near a military office
in the case of a man attacking women in springfield. >> the new clues police have. >> protest against those smart president obama: during the last weeks of this campaign... there will be debates, speeches, and more ads. but if i could sit down with you, in your living room or... around the kitchen table, here's what i'd say. when i took office, we were losing nearly eight hundred... thousand jobs a month, and were mired in iraq. today, i believe that as a nation we are... moving forward again. but we have much more to do to get folks back to work and... make the middle class secure again. now, governor romney bel bves that with even bigger... tax cuts for the wealthy, and fewer regulations... on wall street, all of us will prosper. in other words, he'd double down on the same trickle-down... policies that led to the crisis in the first place. so what's my plan? first, we create a million new manufacturing jobs... and help businesses double their exports... give tax brereaks to companies that... invest in america, not that ship jobs overseas. second, we cut our oil imports
and springfield. let's look at our maps, do want to let you know the northbound side of the gw parkway is closed shut down between spout run parkway and route 123 because of road work going on. they are working on the rockwall. northbound side of i-95 at back lake road looking great. no problems up to springfield and on to 35. back with more traffic at 5:10. back to you. >>> the washington nationals first playoff game was this weekend. it was also their first playoff win. they opened the national league division series against the cardinals on the road. >> kristen fisher is live with a recap of all the action. good to you -- good morning to you. >> reporter: the nats, they have had a real knack for producing dramatic, down to the wire wins all season long. yesterday's game was no different. gonzalez struggled in his first post season start and all the nats big hitters, werth, harper, zimmerman, came up dry. instead the play of the game came from rookie pinch hitter tyler moore. washington beat st. louis 3-2 in the city's first post season game since 1933. >> it was fun, i think the atmosphere wa
route 3 to 17. moving well from springfield up to 395, you are clear into the district. back to you. >> thank you. the smartphone wars have a new entry now. >> rob nelson has details. >> samsung unveils a smaller version of its popular gallic sinks smartphone with a 4-inch display and runs on android's latest operating system. a microsoft executive says the company plans to have 100,000 applications available by next february. 400 million people expected to be using windows 8 by next summer. china's lenovo outsold hp in the third quarter. consumers are opting for tablets and smartphones instead of pc's. the typical twitter user is a woman in her late 20s who shares details with family and friends using apple devices. purple is the most popular color for her. i rob nelson. (bell rings) hi. yes? you know those delicious granola bunches in honey bunches of oats? i love those. we've added more to every box. really? wow! honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. >> and a drive hit deep to left field. it's gone! >> the shot heard around the capital. jayson werth blasting the
pensions for one job our investigation so outraged politicians in springfield that they passed a law to stop it. they go on leave from the city and then base their pensions on their much higher union salary that pension reform had rare bipartisan support the teachers' union and other union leaders now say the law went too far. jesse sharkey is the no. 2 guy with the chicago teachers union. what's wrong with it is a couple of things, number one he points to this library assistant whose pension could be cut by more than half under the new law when she took a leave of absence from the city to work for the union her salary doubled she then not only got her city pension but a second retirement deal for reunion work. house minority leader tom cross sponsored the bill to stop what the library assistant and dozens of other union workers had been doing. she is still going to have a pension that she is entitled to as the library at she's just not getting that second pension working for the teachers' union. this begs the question if they build and received bipartisan support makes a very small
officials believe the man going around groping women in the springfield area has now hit in falls church. we have a composite sketch of the man they are looking for. >> that sketched, it was a big break for police. that sketched help them link these cases between the springfield area and falls church. the woman elected that sketch and she identified her attacker -- looked at the sketch and she identified her attacker. she takes this shortcut every day to get to her bus stop in falls church. >> i was looking all around. >> right near the spot where police say a woman was attacked near the intersection of maple avenue and gibson street. a mother was walking with her baby when a man grabbed her on her behind friday. he did not let go until she screamed for help. >> i just heard about it this morning. >> here is the sketch of the man. he is also wanted for fondling six women in the springfield area. >> that is not cool. >> women who live nearby are warning each other about the danger in not taking any chances. >>at this point, at this is the police are worried about, that that man could get more
since september 7th. police do classify them as sexual assaults. and most were in the springfield area but now it appears the suspect may have moved on as well. police are comparing those victim descriptions of the suspect. in several cases he was wearing a t-shirt blue jeans and a red baseball cap. this assault took place between september 7th and october 2nd. three of the victims were teenage girls. one just 15 years old. many walking in presidential areas. in falls church the latest happened on friday evening. it was 4:20 at the afternoon at south maple avenue and gibson street. a woman pushing a baby comes another target. >> the suspect walked up behind her. she was distracted talking on her cell phone. walked up behind her grabbed her groped her aggressively and he did not stop. he did not let go of her until she yelled. she started screaming trying to get the attention of people. >> reporter: according to witnesses more on the suspect now. he is five foot six to five foot eight. hispanic with medium to dark complex and short hair. also described him as skinny. also wore a short n
. quantico in toward springfield, 395 and landma road work crews that had been on the ramp clearing out of the way. the thru lanes are open as you make your way up toward the 14th street bridge. 66 no incidents. northbound of 80, a crash reported not causing problems. your next timesaver traffic at a:10. back to you. >>> -- at 5:10. back to you. >>> a big moment in campaign 2012. we've now seen finally the candidateses go face to face in the first presidential debate. this morning the general consensus you'll hear on the radio and see on tv is mitt romney came out aggressively and performed well and the. basically avoided -- the president basically avoided any major mistakes. the question is whether they can gain any ground in the polls. 9news now reporter kristin fisher is in our satellite center with more. >> reporter: good morning. if you all wanted a real nitty gritty debate full of substance, this was it. the candidates used lots of numbers. they were very in the weeds so to speak. i imagine their message was at times almost tough to follow for the average american. they spent the
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